Excursions into Anxiety

Written by Michael Lucana This is an exploration of anxiety from an Existentialist viewpoint. This particular subject is close to my heart and so I drew much from own personal trials and tribulations. Everybody has their own battles with anxiety that they contend with and this essay is meant in no way to minimize or … Continue reading Excursions into Anxiety

How Many Books is Too Much?

Reading from Seneca’s Letters: Letter II Written by: Michael Lucana This article is part of a semi-regular series in which I read from Seneca’s Letters and explain how they relate to my own life experiences. In the letter under analysis below, Seneca gives his thoughts on how to have a self-disciplined reading experience. You can … Continue reading How Many Books is Too Much?

Reason, Emotion, Happiness

Written by: Michael Lucana The Stoics were very much concerned with being the best version of themselves that they could be. And for them, this meant being rational, but they were not robots. That much is very clear when you read their writings. Epictetus, a former slave, could never be mistaken for Seneca, an advisor … Continue reading Reason, Emotion, Happiness

The View From Above

Written by: Michael Lucana I usually get pretty nervous whenever I have to speak publicly at my job. It’s not that I don’t have a firm grasp of what I’m doing either, it’s just that when all that attention is focused on just me I doubt myself, my own knowledge, whether my words clearly articulate … Continue reading The View From Above

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