Hello, my name is Michael Lucana, and I am a Philosophical Counselor.

Thousands of years ago, philosophy was a way of life for people. They used it to help them face life’s challenges and to better themselves. In the present day, philosophical counseling takes the methods and insights developed by the philosophical tradition and applies them to the problems of everyday life. Whether you are struggling with deep questions about the meaning of life, or facing obstacles towards your goals of becoming a better person, I am here to help you. Through a method of reflective thinking and interpersonal dialogue, we can work together to help you develop the philosophical skillset to face the fundamental issues which affect your life.

My educational background includes a B.A. in Philosophy & Religion as well as an M.A. in Philosophy from San Francisco State University. I am also accredited by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and am currently available for remote counseling sessions via Zoom. I am also available for in-person sessions on a case by case basis.

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How Many Books is Too Much?

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Reason, Emotion, Happiness

Written by: Michael Lucana The Stoics were very much concerned with being the best version of themselves that they could be. And for them, this meant being rational, but they were not robots. That much is very clear when you read their writings. Epictetus, a former slave, could never be mistaken for Seneca, an advisor … Continue reading Reason, Emotion, Happiness