Category: Christianity

  • Atonement & Indebted Servitude

    This is an exploration of Anselm of Canterbury’s theological work, Curs Deus Homo, usually translated as “Why God became a Man.” The work is primarily concerned with providing a theory of Atonement. The theory that Anselm articulates is now known as the Satisfaction theory of Atonement. I will begin by providing the historical and theological […]

  • Speaking of Faith…

    Written by Michael Lucana This is an exploration of the concept of faith from an Existentialist viewpoint. I freely borrowed, reinterpreted, and repurposed many ideas from Soren Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling,” translated by Alastair Hannay. In addition, while the arguments below are ascribed to Kierkegaard himself, it should be noted that the book itself is […]

  • How to Argue that God Exists

    Written by: Michael Lucana This is an exploration of Saint Anselm of Canterbury’s Ontological Argument, an argument which aims to prove the existence of God. The goal of this article isn’t to prove whether or not Anselm got it right, but to get a better understanding of what it means to have a philosophical dialogue […]

  • Run, Run, Run: Selfhood & Despair

    Written by: Michael Lucana I don’t like to run. So I don’t know why I titled this article the way I did. But I do go hiking quite often. Nothing too crazy or dangerous though. Most of the time I wouldn’t even call it hiking, just a very brisk walk in an upwards direction surrounded […]